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Who are you going to call when your website sucks canal water, you're getting no traffic, you don't know where to start, you don't know what to do next, you don't know what works and what doesn't, and you don't have the resources necessary to achieve your dreams of financial independence with your own internet business?

Mike G. - that's who!
By Michael T. Glaspie, "Mike G." Written Tuesday, 3:55 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

Listen carefully... I don't know you very well, at least not yet. Therefore, I don't know exactly where you need help in making money, very serious money. We're talking: set it up, market it, and build retirement income money!
But I do know this: 

Regardless of your current level of knowledge or experience or expertise, regardless of where you are now in your efforts to build a successful website or many successful websites, I can help you! You will never stump me!
opening up my phone lines and setting aside one hour of time to discuss with you any, and I mean any, issue that you may have. Questions about internet marketing in general, or where you need guidance - specific guidance.
You and I both know the
number one reason that people fail on the internet is that they just don't have the correct answers to their questions and they don't know who to turn to for the resources that they need. There's just so much crap out there on the internet!

So many cons, so many scams... people claiming to be experts when they're not, people offering all kinds of packages and programs that are junk, etc, etc, It's becoming a nightmare online. I will not let you fall victim to the vultures.
I will be your
personal guide, your mentor, your coach... twice a month, live on the telephone or by web conference, your choice. I absolutely guarantee you that the modest cost of my personal coaching, training, the assistance I will give you will save you thousands and put you on the path to financial success... I guarantee this!
By way of background, I've been successful on the internet since 1997.
Very successful!

Every single one of my websites are within the top 1% of all sites visited online and several of my websites are in the top 1/10th of 1% of all sites visited online!
Here's just a partial list of some of my sites:
Zabang.com, etc., etc., etc.


Don't know who I am?  Just pop over to Google and type in my name "Mike Glaspie" and you'll see.

With years of experience and literally millions of dollars in sales and successful businesses behind me, imagine what you could do with your business by having a direct line of communication with e to ask ANYTHING about marketing and making money online? Think you could learn a thing or two from me? You better believe you can!

You do not achieve the success I have achieved online with hype and puffery. I'm a no-nonsense, get to the facts, solve the problem and make money kind of guy.

It's all about marketing, it's all about technology, it's all about setting up the website correctly the first time with the right sales copy, the right technology driving the website, and then the right marketing behind it.
That's where I come in. I've helped thousands of people and now I want to help YOU! Twice a month, my phone line is open, come join me at MikeGtelecoach.com.
And don't worry if you can't make any one of the scheduled tele-coach calls, I'll record it, in fact I'll record them all. And, following the scheduled event, I will email you the link so that you can download the entire session and I will do this whether you were live on the call or not.

Here's why...
The information that you will learn during these sessions is priceless. You will want to build a library of every one of these tele-coach sessions. And you know what you can do with that library? Well obviously, refer back to it often and squeeze every iota of gold from it that you can!
Maybe you're not the type to want to ask questions in front of a group, even though the group is connected via telephone. That's okay. You can sit back and just listen, absorb, and suck up all the information as I speak live one-on-one with participants who need help and guidance.

Here is a sampling of what you can expect with this coaching:
Get JV deals with me and other Mike G. Tele-Coach members!

Exchange phone and other contact info with other clients and network to your heart's content!

Email me questions in advance of the calls and have them answered live!

Have your site critiqued by me personally!

We record every call - 2-3 days later you get a recording.

Guest speakers are paid well to answer your questions

Speakers don't do sales pitches - they CONSULT with you.

Build a library of hard hitting up to date money making tactics and training.

Every single session has a new theme and an expert hired by me to consult with you!

Everything we do is up to date - no theory - just things happening right now!

Members have access to private forum - share ideas with other tele-coach members!

BONUS!  Free Subscription to CommandoMarketingNews.com (It's like "guerilla" marketing but with a mission and a purpose!)

Do you want to...

Learn how to make money, real money from me personally?

Do you need help setting up a website from ground zero?

Know how to get your program, product, or service  in front of Joint Venture partners?

Are you looking for the newest cutting edge ideas that are happening on the net?

What others are saying about Mike G!


You truly are the Guru's Guru. I'm just glad my competitors don't know about you. ;-) I learn more from a few minutes of just listening to you than I have in the past few years trying to figure it out on my own. I'm no newbie, but no one - and I mean No One - knows their stuff like you do!

Thanks for everything!"

Dustin Struckman


Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your seminar. It was one of the most informative seminars I've ever listened to. Even though I'm new to Internet Marketing, I have been surfing the net for a number of years. During that time I have learned a lot on my own, but the insider information that was covered during your seminar will propel my marketing efforts to the next level and beyond. I expect my business to explode just by following a couple of ideas and concepts that were introduced to me. Excellent!!"

Don Crawford

"Dear Mike,

I listen and talk to about a dozen great people who are experts on Internet Marketing. But there is only one expert who consistently gives me info that I take action on--that's Mike Glaspie."

John Pizzuti Creator & CEO

"Hi Mike,

I really enjoyed the seminar. I learned that I must have a more agressive approach to my marketing strategy. Again thanks for all the information you provided. I took 2 pages of notes."


"Dear Michael,

I can't tell you how excited I am after listening to your seminar today. The amount of marketing information that you provided was incredible!"

Linda Faistl Lassen
evisionLink.com emember


I must say that the information you gave was 100 times more than I have gathered over the last six months running around the net like a headless chicken. "



Great seminar, LOADED with lots of info. Thanks!"

Richard Mazza

"Hello Michael,

First of all I would like to say that the seminar was outstanding!

I am new to the internet e-commerce, and marketing arenas and I have been totally lost the last few months. I have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to promote my sites and get more paying customers/prospects. With so many sites out there trying to sell their "Internet Marketing secrets" it was very refreshing to hear your seminar in the laid back, honest and concise way it was presented. I feel that you have lifted the veil on how to market on the internet properly and have given me some real insights on the subject. Thank you!"

Terrance Quezaire
Independent Representative
Excel Communications Inc.
Cognigen Networks Inc.

"Hi, Michael:

I'm so glad that I listened to your seminar! I have listened to several of these kinds of seminars, on different subjects. Almost in all cases, they only give general concepts, which you often can find somewhere else for free anyway, left out specific, important details, until you purchase their programs.

But in your seminar, you've covered so much specific detailed information, tips and steps for successful internet marketing and provided great resources that're truly valuable. Thanks a lot!"


"Dear Mike,

I just have to tell you after 25+years in marketing, over 20 years a factory certified computer tech, I have learned to mute my "know-it-all" attitude. ... I really thought I had a handle on computing and networking. I learned enough in the first 15 minutes of your seminar to re-evaluate my understanding of the internet. That alone made it worthwhile. Thank you!"

Scott Trant
Desert Moon Gallery & Gifts


"Mike G, your coaching and mentoring have been instrumental in my success. Your years of business and marketing expertise clearly speak volumes for the value that you put into every aspect of your conduct as a coach and trainer!"

Mark Brown ISS


Then subscribe!

You see that last point I made above? It's real, it's very real. I am inundated every single week with people who want to do JV deals with me. But I don't have enough time, no one can do a JV with everyone who approaches them! Only as a subscriber of MikeGTeleCoach.com, do you have my ear.

As a Mike G. Tele-Coach client I'll discuss with you live all the possibilities and how it can work!
Now I know you might be thinking this is a lot of hot air, it's just hype, how can one guy know everything there is to know and solve every person's problem and answer every question that is put to him?

Well, I don't blame you for thinking that, and you're absolutely right, I don't know it all and that's why...

I will have other experts on these calls with me!

These are the men and women who are top notch in their fields on the internet. Along with the people I use personally to help me with my sites. You know, the technology stuff.

My coaching sessions are NOT the usual BS teleseminars where you are sucked into buying something following the event, because... 


I'm paying them a fee for being there with me. Think about that a moment, would you?

Okay, you're getting the best experts on the internet that you can speak to live, twice a month, or listen to later if you miss the event, and learn from them the keys to success for any online business, no matter what business you are in!
If you're tired of downloading ebooks, pouring through countless programs just to find the information applicable to you and your situation...

If you're tired of not knowing who to trust, who to turn to, then you must enroll and join me live on these calls. I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed, I guarantee you this will be the absolute best, hands-down value that you have ever seen.


"Guarantee of 100% Brain-Numbing Happiness!"

I will not even ask you to pay one dime, not a red cent. Because I'm convinced that you will agree that nothing on the internet even begins to compare to the value of this unique, live one-on-one tele-coaching, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. No hard feelings, no questions asked. Jump in this program, get involved, learn from me personally how it's done, and how it's done right.  


Learn from my hand-picked experts who will be on every call - the phone line will be open. No sales pitch, and every session will begin with a very brief introduction and then we'll go live and answer your questions for you!
Hot Seats..
You'll want to have your questions ready, you'll want to take notes, because you will learn from the answers given to other clients and you'll have the opportunity to ask your own questions.  In fact... I'll be looking live at websites online, and I'll pick them apart.

Caution: I'll be brutally honest with you, but when we're done, if there's a problem with your website you're going to know exactly how to fix it. I call this my "Hot Seat" program.
Where else can you get anyone on the internet, at a price so cheap (it's ridiculously cheap) who will look live at your website and consult with you? It just doesn't exist anywhere else but with the Mike G. Tele-Coach program!
If you're trying to market a website, if your goal is to build a website, if you have no idea on what to market online, you need to be a client of Mike G.'s Tele-Coach program.

It's truly sad the money wasted online by people who are taken advantage of. It doesn't need to happen. Ask me first.  Trust me, I've been there, I've done that. I've made more mistakes online than anyone I know, and through it all I've hit more over-the-fence out-of-the-ball-park home runs than anyone I know!

Draw from my experience and I will point you in the right direction, always.

"This is the best coaching deal on the net. 
Do Not Pass This Opportunity Up!"

Do yourself a favor now while it's fresh in your mind...


Yes! Please Include Me In The Mike G. Tele-Coach Program!

"I want to get on these events as soon as possible."

Email address:
Your name:


You might be wondering why a man in my position with so many powerful and marvelous things going on in my business life, would be willing to consult with you.  Well, here's the straightforward No BS answer for you..

One of my goals in life is to: help as many people as I can achieve success thru smarter, and more effective marketing. (Really, its part of my personal mission statement!)

I've got lunch covered for a long time...

With only a few exceptions all of my business interests are up and running pretty much on auto-pilot.  And, through this unique one-of-a-kind program (there's only one Mike G.) I'll learn as much about marketing on the 'net, what's new, what's hot, what new strategies are the most successful, etc., etc., as you do.

Think of this opportunity as a Mastermind Group, a core group, where ideas are fully exchanged and we sort out and find the best solutions for you and all of the clients. I'll stay sharp and "in the game," so to speak, throughout this program.  Everyone, including you, can benefit a thousand-fold, yes.. including me.

Get involved! I'm looking forward to meeting you on the next session!

Michael T. Glaspie, "Mike G."


  The information is hard-core marketing tactics from me and professionals like myself and there is no selling whatsoever on these calls!
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